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Welcome Laura Salgues! 

The newest real estate agent to join our team! Originally from Brazil, Laura made Los Angeles her home in 1985 and her experience in owning a wide variety of properties is what prompted her to become a real estate agent herself. Laura possesses strong negotiation skills and uses cutting-edge technology to give her clients a top-notch experience. Passionate about sharing her love of Los Angeles with her clients, she also keeps bees and chickens in her Mar Vista home in her down time. Laura is already a welcome addition to the Highland Premiere family. 

We are meeting the moment of this unprecedented real estate market with clients ready to buy and sell. By growing a team of experts with deep knowledge of the Southern California region, we will be even better positioned to serve our clients and remain committed to excellence. 

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Where There’s A Will, We’ll Find A Way

In recent newsletters, we’ve shared details about the shortage of housing inventory that still exists. While that can present challenges for buyers, it is not an absolute seller’s market anymore due to the recent jump in interest rates. Sellers have to be careful to evaluate various terms of the offer, (including appraisal and loan contingencies) not just the highest offer price.  There are more opportunities now than before to get a deal on a home while securing a relatively low interest rate. 

We are a few weeks into what is traditionally the busiest month in real estate, and despite the record-setting home sale prices and bidding wars we’ve seen over the past year, there are many people eager to get into a new home. We have buyers ready to start their search, and listings that are ramping up during this spring selling season. We also have a number of off-market listings that are coming soon that might be the right fit for you.

We are committed to each and every buyer and seller we represent, and we thank them for putting their faith in our experience and expertise. We will always find a way to make their home buying or selling journey a fulfilling one.

May the renewal of spring bring joy to you and your family.

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Real Estate’s Busy Season Underway!  

Whether you’re buying or selling, spring typically marks the start of real estate’s busiest season. With bright green grass, blue skies, and colorful flowers blooming everywhere, spring brings a natural boost to a home’s curb appeal, which can be a boon for sellers and an incentive for buyers!

Data shows homeowners who sell during the month of May see a higher percentage of profit than any other month of the year. The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and it’s the perfect time to begin your journey into a new home. 

Here’s hoping for an extra spring to your step this season, as our society is turning out of the pandemic towards more “normal” times. If your plans this year call for a home sale or purchase, we are ready to help!

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How It Started – How It’s Going

If you recently joined us in this space you may not know our backstory: the places where we grew up, began our careers and ultimately left our jobs to form our real estate company, Highland Premiere. What is revealing is how our common interests, values, goals and reliance on each other’s strengths guided us to be able to create a special place to do what we do best. When we opened Highland Premiere in 2014, it was just us working together to help our clients find the perfect place to call home. 

Over that first year, the two of us worked hard and earned a reputation for delivering quality service to our clients. As our reputation grew, so did our client list. One year after starting our firm, we began adding team members to the Highland Premiere family.

Our style, work ethic and customer service attracted like-minded realtors. In the eight years since we founded Highland Premiere, we have gradually added to our firm, and today we proudly work alongside eight professional realtors who are like family to us. In the very near future we hope to share more news as we find novel ways to give our clients the best experience possible.

We appreciate you joining us as we add more chapters to this story. To be continued.

Here’s how it all began, our Founder’s Story.

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Traditionally spring and summer are the busiest months for real estate transactions and as the weather warms up, our team is preparing now for the influx of inventory we predict will be coming to market in the very near future. 

While interest rates remain in the high 3% range, multiple market indicators show a projected increase up to 4 percent and higher by the end of this year. We believe there will be a wave of buyers ready to make an offer as sellers strategically enter the market. 

Our combination of experience and knowledge in the Los Angeles real estate market gives us the tools to deliver for our clients. Whether you’re buying or selling, our team is prepared and ready for whatever spring brings.

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Building and Growing Our Team

While we don’t measure success by the size of our team, we do know our team is the reason we succeed. When we founded Highland Premiere, the two of us worked together to offer our clients the highest level of service. We are high-touch, and are focused on the entire journey, process, and experience rather than just the outcome. Our goal has always been to take a more holistic approach, walking with our clients when they make the most important purchase of their lives, or the big decision to sell their home. Over the years, we have steadily and selectively grown our team by adding agents that share our values, goals, mindset and culture. They’ll be the first to tell you they had a pretty high bar to clear!

Currently, we proudly work alongside eight real estate professionals whom we consider family. Covering a wide range of the Southern California landscape, each agent brings an array of talent, personality, knowledge and experience along with the commitment to continuing the quality of service on which we built our reputation and our clients have come to expect. As we continue to help more and more individuals, we will continue to grow our team to serve our clients in more areas and in even bigger ways.

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LA Set To Take Center Stage for Sports

Getting Los Angeles show-ready to host Super Bowl LVI as well as the 2028 Olympics meant spending billions in improvements for tourists and athletes throughout the City and County of Los Angeles, with homeowners reaping the benefits as well. Analysis from the past seven Olympics show home values increased in the host cities prior to and following the event.

This weekend, Los Angeles is gearing up for Super Bowl LVI at Sofi Stadium (Go Rams!), the first Super Bowl in this brand new arena which will also server as the main venue for the opening ceremonies of the 2028 Olympics.

An estimated $8.5 billion will be spent on 28 transit projects with completion on most expected before the 2028 Olympics. Los Angeles’ massive investment in infrastructure, LAX expansion and added hotels and housing will create and sustain real estate value long after the Olympic Torch is extinguished.

We love calling Los Angeles home and are excited to be a part of this exciting future.

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Representation Matters

We are proud of our unique team of committed professionals here at Highland Premiere and we wanted to take a moment to talk about how important Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is to us all. Our team members come from a variety of backgrounds, which helps them connect with clients from all walks of life. We celebrate our team’s diversity, which gives our company depth, character and strength.

Highland Premiere is proud to represent all price points and neighborhoods for our buyers and sellers. While we are a high-volume firm, we take care to serve our clients with the utmost care and intention, creating an intimate home-buying or selling journey with great experiences along the way.

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What We Predict In 2022

Looking ahead into the new year, the early indicators we see from our data and our team at Highland Premiere show us it looks a lot like 2021. While inventory remains low and demand high, the interest rates have already started off the year trending up again (last week was the highest rate in 20 months). That means now is the time to renew your search for a home while rates remain favorable!

We know that many of our clients over the past year and a half continue working remotely. This pandemic trend may very well become a permanent part of our lives and we are fascinated to see how this will change the real estate landscape in the coming year and years to come. Our team is rested, rejuvenated and ready to make this year our best yet!

Wishing you a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

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A message from Vivian…

Growing up, the holiday season was always the time my family gave back to the community. My parents always reminded me by their actions how important this time of year is in making those less fortunate or in need feel abundance and joy. 

The holidays were typically spent with my family driving all over the city. After paying respect to my elders on both sides of our family, I remember spending hours in the back seat of our car as my parents drove us from place to place, passing out boxes and boxes of fruit and dropping off pies to friends, colleagues and leaders in the community. We would also visit the local food kitchens, helping to feed the homeless and make donations. When we were young, my brother and I always dreaded those long days in the car. Back then I didn’t fully realize what my parents were teaching us. Today I can truly appreciate how my parents exposed us to those selfless acts of kindness, year after year. 

Since childhood, the idea of giving back was ingrained in me and remains essential to me now as an adult. As business owners, both Dennis and I perpetuate this mindset. We believe giving back and helping others is an essential part of our leadership. It is also a big part of how we have achieved this level of success throughout all of our years in this business. This season, our wish for you is abundance and joy. Pass it on!

Happy Holidays!

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